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    Advantages of forklift servicing and routine maintenance

    Your forklift truck is just like any other, when they are looked after and serviced regularly, your forklift’s performance is enhanced, and it will last a lot longer as well as being less likely to breakdown and need our emergency breakdown service.

    *No shock bills

    *Improved cash flow

    *Optimum use of your forklift truck

    *Reduced operating costs

    *Higher resale value for the forklift

    *Forklift servicing options

    BUSS Eng. have three types of forklift truck service options.

    Annual Service contracts:

    This is a routine contract of 3 minor and 1 major service performed on a quarterly basis. We also have options for 5 minor+1 major or even monthly basis.

    Comprehensive maintenance contract

    In addition to the Service contract this option includes all key parts and labor costs. It’s generally more expensive but gives you the option to focus on your business without being disturbed in the process of quotation and LPO.

    On-call basis service

    Whenever you need a service do give us a call and we will be happy to attend. Note that additional charges are applicable for all inspections conducted in this option. This gives you the flexibility to service only when you want to.

    Buss Engineering is the premier provider of forklift maintenance in UAE, offering unrivalled expertise and reliability. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, we ensure your forklift fleet's peak performance and extended lifespan.


    Our comprehensive range of maintenance services caters to fleets of all sizes and complexities. Our highly skilled and factory-trained technicians possess in-depth knowledge of various forklift makes and models, ensuring that your equipment is in capable hands.


    Choose Buss Engineering as your trusted partner for forklift maintenance in the UAE. We are dedicated to delivering superior service and ensuring your forklift fleet operates at its best, enabling you to focus on your core business operations.


    BUSS Engineering, since 1991, have an unrivaled reputation for reliable servicing and repair solutions, however demanding your application is.

    At BUSS Eng. we understand how important it is to be able to move materials frequently and rapidly on site. Our clients want a reliable, seamless material handling service that doesn’t let them down. However, sometimes the worst happens, and a forklift can break down unexpectedly. Centrally controlled from our workshop, the team at BUSS Eng. can swiftly respond to your breakdown to help minimize disruption to your business.

    Repairs and servicing can be carried out on-site by our expert team of engineers and we also provide transport services for the repairs on those machines which need to be brought back to the workshop. All makes and models of forklift and truck are handled, and the service engineers can carry out all types of work from minor adjustments to major rebuilds. There is also a traction battery and charger repair service on hand if required. Our workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment so as to effect quick, long-lasting repairs that are equal to or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

    We find this level of response and care provides our customers with the best forklift repair service and breakdown cover in the industry. We target a four hours max response time and in desperate circumstances where the forklift cannot be repaired, we can also provide a temporary replacement from our hire fleet of equipment so that you don’t have to stop production or incur any downtime in your operations.

    The best forklift repair service in UAE is provided by Buss Engineering, a leading business. We are your go-to partner for maintaining the peak performance and lifespan of your forklift fleet because of our unwavering dedication to excellence and track record of providing top-notch solutions.


    Buss Engineering is aware of how crucial it is to have dependable and effective electric forklift repairs for smooth operations. Your production may suffer and costs may increase if your equipment breaks down or malfunctions. To quickly address problems and return your forklifts to peak operating conditions, we offer thorough and qualified repair services. Our forklift repair services in UAE offer a variety of options that are specially designed to address the unique requirements of your fleet.


    If you are looking to hire a rental forklift truck, BUSS Eng. offer a quick, professional and comprehensive solution for all your business needs. BUSS Eng. works closely with businesses in Dubai and across the U.A.E. to provide exceptional services in forklift hire.

    Benefits of forklift truck rental?

    We understand that leasing or purchasing forklift trucks are often the preferred solution for some companies, not all business have the budget or need do so. Short term forklift truck hire can often be the bridge for companies where seasonal demands can often mean long term forklift truck ownership becomes a costly consideration. Renting or leasing Forklift truck equipment when you need it most can help to balance the books more profitably during quieter periods.

    At BUSS Eng. we tailor forklift solutions to your needs no matter how large or complex. Always at a competitive price.

    Short term and long term forklift hire?

    At BUSS Eng. we offer a comprehensive range of forklift trucks for both short term or contract hire. We have a number of short term hire machines and can supply forklift truck equipment at short notice.

    If your equipment has broken down, have an urgent order during a seasonal boom or need to meet a critical deadline, short term rentals from BUSS Eng. is the professional solution for your business needs. You can easily rent a forklift truck on a daily basis or, take advantage of our long term competitive rate from as less than as AED 145 per day – when renting for 5 years or longer.

    Forklift trucks available to hire or lease:

    *3 wheel electric forklifts

    *4 wheel electric forklifts

    *Diesel forklifts

    *Reach trucks

    *Order pickers


    *Powered pallet trucks

    *Forklifts with attachments



    Buss Engineering is the premier forklift rental Dubai specializing in providing reliable and flexible forklift rental services in Dubai. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and a reputation for delivering top-notch equipment, we are your trusted partner for reach truck rental in meeting your short-term and long-term material handling needs.


    At Buss Engineering, we understand the dynamic nature of business operations, where flexibility and cost-effectiveness are key factors. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of diesel forklift rental, tailored to suit your specific requirements.


    Our electric forklift rental undergoes regular maintenance and inspections to ensure optimal performance and safety. When you rent from Buss Engineering, you can trust that you are receiving well-functioning and reliable equipment that meets industry standards.



    We carry a vast stock of forklift parts for all makes of forklift and other materials handling / forklift truck equipment at our warehouse in Dubai, U.A.E. which we can deliver anywhere in the U.A.E. within 24 hours once in stock.

    An experienced company with over 29 years’ experience of supplying forklift parts throughout the U.A.E and GCC. We supply parts for any make of forklift including Linde - Toyota - Jungheinrich - Hyster - Still - Mitsubishi - Nissan - BT - Caterpillar - Komatsu - Kalmar - Clark - TCM - Manitou - Yale - Doosan - Fiat - Steinbock - Crown - Atlet - Heli - Hangcha - Baoli - Tailift amongst others.

    If we don’t have the parts in stock ourselves, we will source them for you from our suppliers and get them sent direct to you. We provide quality replacement parts for all brands and makes, including hard-to-find ones. If you need a forklift part but do not have the part number, simply provide us with the model and serial number of your machine and a description of the part required, and we will do the rest.

    We make it as easy as possible to do business

    A note on our key supplier,

    Delivering quality forklift parts has always been an integral part of their philosophy. Not only new parts are subjected to fierce quality testing, but also their extensive range of rebuilt parts is put to the test before they are sent to all customers worldwide. They offer over 50 years of experience in parts for forklifts: every part, from the smallest screw, up to forklift seats and forks, are available. Their product range is unique in the market and their short delivery times will surely surprise you.

    Buss Engineering, a leading company, provides the best forklift repair service in the UAE. We specialize in maintaining the optimal performance and lifespan of your forklift fleet. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence and our proven track record of delivering top-notch solutions.


    At Buss Engineering, we understand the importance of reliable and effective electric forklift repairs for seamless operations. Equipment breakdowns or malfunctions can disrupt your production and increase costs. To swiftly address these issues and restore your forklifts to peak performance, we offer comprehensive and expert repair services. Our forklift repair services in the UAE cater to the unique requirements of your fleet, providing a range of options to choose from.


    Additionally, we take pride in being able to supply parts for all brands of forklifts. You can rely on us to provide the necessary components for your forklift repairs, regardless of the brand or model.


    It’s a well-known fact that well-maintained forklift batteries last longer.

    However, with increased pressure on staff and a lack of manpower, we understand that it is often difficult for customers to find the time to maintain their batteries properly. This lack of maintenance can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranties, put trucks out of action, and can cost your business money and cause great inconvenience.

    BUSS Eng. can offer you a maintenance contract and take this responsibility away from your staff. We can arrange for our experienced engineers to make regular visits to your premises to suit your requirements.

    They can carry out all of your battery electrolyte monitoring, clean your batteries, carry out safety checks and minor repairs and inspect your batteries and report on their condition at a frequency to suit you. Our Workshop is equipped with the latest in computerized charging and discharge testing equipment.

    Contact us for the below battery services,

    *Sale of new Battery

    *Service & Maintenance of exisiting battery

    *Battery accessories viz. Battery water, Battery Filling System, Caps, Trays etc

    *Battery Monitoring systems

    *Battery handling equipment

    *Sale of old scrap battery

    Buss Engineering is the leading forklift battery supplier specializing in supplying state-of-the-art forklift lithium batteries. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a reputation for delivering top-quality solutions, we are your trusted partner for forklift battery maintenance Dubai, revolutionizing the power source for your forklift fleet.

    At Buss Engineering, we understand the critical role that a reliable and efficient forklift lithium battery supplier plays in maximizing the performance and productivity of your forklifts. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge lithium batteries specifically designed for forklift applications, providing superior power, extended runtime, and enhanced operational efficiency.


    Choose Buss Engineering as your trusted lithium battery supplier for forklift lithium batteries. With our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and customer satisfaction, we provide you with the most advanced power source options to optimize the performance and reliability of your forklift fleet, enabling you to elevate your operations to new heights.


    Our skilled team of fabricators and engineers specialize in the design and bespoke manufacture of a range of ancillary items for the forklift truck industry – from battery trays to battery stands, LPG bottle holders to fork extensions, battery handling arms and much more.

    We also supply a full cabin with air-conditioning and reverse camera combinations for most brands of forklifts. With our panel of professional fabricators we assure you quality workmanship on all our fabrication jobs.


    As well as forklift truck hire, sales and maintenance, we also provide a refurbishment service where our specialist team here at BUSS Eng.will make your truck look and feel like new.


    We refurbished to an extremely high standard, our only standard.


    Each forklift truck undergoes an initial visual inspection in order to identify problem areas that we believe need to be focus areas of the refurbishment.


    Following the initial inspection we will disassemble the machine and thoroughly steam clean all possible component parts. Every forklift truck will then receive a service check ensuring all chassis, drive, brake, lifting and safety components are in working order. Any defective items are replaced as a matter of course with genuine spare parts.


    In addition to the service we also undertake a lift chain inspection to understand each leaf plate and chain pin are in good working order.


    -Diesel trucks have their fan-belt and the water pump changed.


    -Electric trucks have their batteries tested and are replaced where age or usage is unknown.


    Once the service has been undertaken and all defective parts have been replaced the truck is then passed over to our paint department where it will receive a hand clean & de-grease before being smoothed, primed and re-painted.


    When leaving the paint shop a thorough examination is undertaken before the final pre-delivery inspection.


    With a large range of over 50 plus used machines in stock, we have a truck to meet you needs. We offer the service of transporting your forklift truck to our fully equipped workshop to carry out the refurbishment leaving you with a temporary rental truck to keep your operation running with minimal downtime and impact to your business.