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Engineering also unde
rtakes the sale of new batteries for all applications and machines.Just call us today and we will send a technician across to evaluate your battery.

  • Battery/Battery Charger Repair -

    Professional service technicians trained to repair ALL types of industrial motive/ traction batteries and chargers.
  • Battery Testing and Evaluation - 

    We can perform basic testing and evaluation of your batteries on-site, or perform a more advanced 6-hour discharge test and evaluation at our facility. This information will help you determine whether to repair or replace your battery.
  • Battery Reconditioning –

     We carry reconditioning of all types of traction batteries and battery trays.

  • Battery Watering Service -

    As part of a Battery Maintenance Program or as a stand alone service, we can help ensure proper watering of your batteries on a regular basis.

  • Battery Washing On-site

    Mobile battery washing service available to rid your batteries of potentially dangerous and damaging acid residue.

  • Battery Rental services

    Whether adding an additional work shift or needing additional run time for a temporary job, we have an inventory of batteries available for rent. (Please call to know availability)

  • Battery Maintenance Program -

Just as important as proper maintenance on your forklift, your battery also has specific maintenance needs.