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Forklift Overload Alarm

Product Code : BUSSFOA

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The system warns the operator that a pre-set lifting pressure limit has been exceeded. The system is fully adjustable and any level can be set within the limits of the 250 bar pressure transducer fitted within the load cell. Site safety is improved and the aulic lifting performance is not affected.

If the operator attempts to lift above the pre-set pressure a warning signal is given via a buzzer and a beacon situated on the truck to alert the operator. The audible and visual alarm warns the operator that he has tried to exceed the lifting capacity specified for that truck.

Key Features

  • Suitable for gas, diesel & electric trucks

  • Advised for forklift truck operating areas that are used by pedestrians

  • Hydraulic lifting capacity of the truck is not affected

  • Level 1 and Level 2 options available


Key Benefits

  • Site safety is increased

  • Increased service life of attachments

  • Reduced damage to attachments

  • Reduced insurance premiums can be achieved


Forklift overload alarm systems are vital for ensuring safety and efficiency in material handling. Overload Alarm Systems provided by BUSS Engineering monitor the weight of lifted loads, sounding an audible and visual alarm if the limit is exceeded. By preventing overloading, they protect against accidents, equipment damage, and injuries. These alarms help maintain stability and balance, reducing the risk of tip-overs. Additionally, they contribute to operational efficiency by preventing downtime and costly repairs. With their ability to promote a safer work environment and optimize material handling processes, forklift overload alarm systems are essential tools for maintaining productivity and protecting workers and equipment.