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Forklift Carriage: What and Why about it

Posted on - 09 Jun, 2020, 09:07 AM
Posted by - Raphael Dsa

Understanding your forklift’s carriage class is important because it helps you understand what forks and objects will work with your forklift. The carriage is important because it is used to mount objects, including forks, the backrest, and attachments, to the mast chains, allowing loads to go up and down the mast channel.


The five classes of fork carriage are dependant on forklift capacity and working load centre as shown below

  • Class 1 from 0 up to 999Kg forklift capacity at 400 mm load centre

  • Class 2 from 1000 Kg to 2500 Kg forklift capacity at 500 mm load centre

  • Class 3 from 2501 Kg to 4999 Kg forklift capacity at 500 load centre

  • Class 4 from 5000 Kg to 8000 Kg forklift capacity and 600 load centre

  • Class 5 from 8001 Kg to 10,999 Kg forklift capacity and 600 mm load centre


Please refer to the below image on how to measure the forklift carriage

Forklift Forks