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Code : BRT20
Size : Medium
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The New H series Electric Reach Truck, 1.2-1.6 ton, apart from its excellent performance, is also very economical. The reach trucks are used wherever space is confined and where heavy loads are to be raised to high lift heights.                                   .       
1. The drive's compartment, through generous dimensioning, provides the driver with a comfortable body position. The excellent all-around visibility and the low noise level add to the ease of working .                                       . 
2.The operator compartment incorporates controls for hydraulic functions,  direction control, horn, lights and handbrake, all within convenient reach of the operator. Padded armrest, rubber floor mat and resin coated control knobs ensure comfort for daylong operation. The tilt of the steering column can be freely adjusted to any degree.
3.Curtis made Multi-function instrument, together with the multi display monitor provide information and function input to the operator to allow optimum performance and operator confidence.  
4.Drive and hydraulic control fitted as standard. MOSFET CHOPPER, Power transistors with high impulse frequencies control the motors in an  energy saving and noiseless manner. The drive control permits jerk-free starting and a strong acceleration. Adjustable energy feedback on releasing the drive pedal through regenerative braking.     
5.The chassis design and steering geometry provide an outstanding turning  radius of 1675mm and reach stroke of 602mm (1.4 ton model). The steering angle of 90 in each direction further enhances maneuverability. These specifications ensure improved safety clearances in confined spaced with high loading.   

6.Low noise, less pollution and energy saving, these features all  satisfied with environment protection.   
7. Drive and electronics cover may be opened quickly and easily for servicing and maintenance work. The service access door on the truck provides excellent access to the major service components. All motors, drive gearbox, pumps, brakes and steering are easily accessible.

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